Judgment Day, the Apocalypse and the Corona Virus Pandemic

All religions have the belief that human beings have an after life. Upon the death the human, he or she goes through a process of divine judgement. His good deeds are then weighed against his 'sins' and his soul is then either sent to 'hell' or to 'heaven'.

A 'New Age' or theosophical belief in an after life is described here.

However, apart from this individual judgment, the three 'great' monotheistic religions also believe in a 'final' judgment of all of humanity at the 'End of the World'. This belief in a 'Judgment Day' is what we examine here.

The Judgment process according to various religion

According to the three 'great' monotheistic religions the Earth (and the Universe) has been existence for about 6000 years and will continue to exist for a fixed period of time and then it will end.

Eastern religions on the other hand, believe in a cyclic Universe which comes into being and then perishes periodically, but the periods are in billions if not trillions of years.

The various religious beliefs about the judgment of God: